Enjoying St Maarten’s Nightlife

beautiful nightlife on the island

After a hard day at the beach some people are ready to head back to their hotel room or the hotel bar and quietly retire with a couple drinks. This article isn’t for people who want to do that, this article is for people who want to make the most out of their travels and enjoy every waking minute of St Maarten. To that end we have reviewed three of St. Maarten’s favorite nighttime hangouts. We suggest renting a car with Car Rental St Martin from Value Car Rental. You’ll be able to go where ever when ever on the island!

Sunset at the airport

Sunset Bar & Grill is one of the best spots in St. Maarten and literally one of the first places you will see when you arrive. After you get done with your tiring flight collect your luggage, walk out of the airport, turn left and walk about five minutes and you are here. As soon as you walk in you will feel welcome and will wonder why you had not come to St. Maarten sooner. Of course, the close proximity to the Princess Julia International (SXM) also makes Sunset Bar & Grill the perfect place to stop by before you fly out.

Finding Atlantis

Unlike the lost continent, Atlantis Sports Lounge is a pretty easy place to find. However, it is similar to the lost continent in the sense that everyone wants to go there. Think of it as a upscale sports bar where you might go to watch the Champions League Final, the World Cup, or the next big fight. Whatever you want it’s right there and with a drink selection that includes over 200 bottles and some of the best food on St Maarten there truly is something for everybody at the Atlantis Sports Lounge.

piano bar


Sing us song Mr. Piano Man

If you’re looking for a live piano bar make sure to stop by Soprano’s Piano Bar. Take in the scene and enjoy the diverse mix of locals and tourists with some of the best piano playing in the Caribbean. Just make sure to get there early and dress lightly though the place fills up quickly and you will dance. Soprano’s is not just a nightlife spot either, feel free to stop by for lunch next day and work off your hangover with a $10 happy hour lunch.

Of course, these are not the only places to hang out in St. Maarten. There is a lot to do on the Island and whether you want to enjoy a great bar experience or just have a relaxing bon fire on the beach. St. Maarten has something for everyone.