Glass Blowing Evolution

As previously stated, the Greeks were the innovators of glass blowing. They not only created tools that were better suited to be made out of glass than previously materials, glass became a work of art to them. The Greeks began to mix other materials with the glass such as iron, gold, and silver, creating beautiful, highly-sought after goods for people all around the world.


The Greeks would be the capital of glass production for years, until Italy took over the trade. Italy’s resources far out numbered that of Greece, with what appeared to be an endless supply of sand and resources for their fires, Italy began producing glass at a rate the Greeks could not keep up with.

The Italian strong-hold on glass production would not last for long. Despite attempts by merchants to keep their glass blowers isolated and protect their trade secrets, they were not successful. Some of the best glass blowers in Italy eventually relocated, and in doing so, took their techniques with them.

Glass blowing had eventually made its way around the entire world. Even the newly found America saw the rise of glass in its land. It was an ideal place to produce glass, given its dense forests and what appeared to be never ending coast lines. The foundation of an industry had been set. While the technique have mostly remained the same, the implications of glass into different technologies are always changing.