The Glass of Today


When people are asked of glass blowing today, in the form that it originated, the most common response given are glass pipes and bongs. A majority of people would be surprised how close and intimate glass blowing still is today. Each piece is hand made by a modern artist, and even though the process for creating the raw glass is easier than it has ever been, the technique remains the same.

Blowers will begin with a small tube of glass. The blowers will heat up the piece of molten glass until it is in a state ready for construction. Using their tools to hold the glass, and using pipes of various sizes to gently blow and form the shapes and chambers, they begin the process.

The blower will spin the piece of glass in their hand to give it even proportions, while adding various ingredients to their base to give it the desired colors. The final step involves creating the bowl head, where the tobacco goes. A piece of carbon is spun to give it the cylinder shape that you are familiar with. The carbon is spun until the glass has cooled and then gently pulled out, completing the pipe.